An Excerpt from HISTRESS
by Crystal Lacey Winslow

Summer 1987

The loud, blaring sirens were indicative of the trouble he’d gotten himself into. He held onto his new bride tightly in an attempt to give her the protection and security that he had failed to do only moments earlier. The end results were tragic, but there weren’t any other options. He was a man. And he was going to stand behind his decision. When her hysteria slowed to a soft whimper, she pushed his strong arms from around her waist and glared at him. She wouldn’t speak. His heart broke as he looked at her, his wife, disheveled and battered. Her once vibrant eyes were now swollen and sullen. Her tear-streaked face was puffy and accusatory. His guilt made him look away.

He drew a long breath. “I’m soooo sorry, baby. I should have been here to protect you—”

“Police! Open up!”

“I’ll never let anything like this happen ever—”

“I said, open the fucking door!”

“Please don’t cry…I love—”


“Baby, look at me—”

BOOM! BOOM! The battering ram pummeled the front door, breaking the locks and ripping it off its hinges.


Instantly his hands flew up in surrender. A nine-millimeter revolver was pointed directly at the back of his head.

“Get on the fucking ground, asshole. Now! Lie down, face first!”

“Officer, I can explain,” he pleaded, still in compliance.

“We have six witnesses that state you just murdered a Mr. Emmanuel Morales in cold blood.”

They were right. He did murder a man. He chased him out of his apartment and shot Morales once in the back, and when Morales dropped to the ground, he unloaded his security-issued .357 Magnum into the back of the dying man’s head and neck. He felt no remorse, and wouldn’t make any apologies. What they didn’t know was this:
“He raped my wife!” the man yelled.

“Hmmm,” the other officer snorted while his partner tightened the silver bracelets on the suspect’s wrists, digging his knee deeply into the suspect’s back. “Tell it to the judge.”

“He raped my wife!” he screamed again.

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say—”

“Baby, please tell them. They’re taking me to jail for murder!” He looked at his wife and she looked past him, wide-eyed and frozen.

“Officer, please, just get her some help. She needs to go to the hospital and get treated. Look at her. She’s in shock, for God’s sake!”

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