by Kiki Swinson

The First Mistake

“Tell me you love me,” Seth insisted as he pushed his huge dick through the walls of my vagina like he owned every inch of my pussy. Sweat leaked from the pores of his body onto my 130-pound frame. His brown eyes locked onto mine as he waited for my response.

“Baby, I love you,” I finally told him, my words riding on the same waves of the motion in which he was penetrating me. The way he was fucking me was undeniably good. The feeling I was experiencing was all too powerful, and I was finding myself falling deeper and deeper in love with this guy, even though I knew it was forbidden.

For eight years, I had been a federal probation officer, and the men and women on my caseload knew that I was nothing to play with. From the first day they entered into my office, they knew that I had been assigned to monitor their transition back into society. I didn’t tolerate any form of fraternizing, nor was I into giving second chances. I played strictly by the book. So never in a million years could anyone have told me that I would be sleeping with one of my parolees, because if they had, I would’ve laughed in their faces and told them to go straight to hell. Because you know what? They would’ve been right. But who could predict the future?

The sad part about all of this was that I couldn’t see the forest for the trees when I was around him. He truly had me open. And to make matters worse, the man was fine. He looked just like Mehki Phifer, had his smile and his swagger. I resembled the actress Nia Long, so when we were in public together, people always complimented us on how good we looked together. On another note, my two childhood friends Heather and Danielle weren’t impressed at all about how good we looked together. They were displeased with idea that I got involved with him from the start. They believed I was dealing with some self-esteem issues, so they were constantly reminding me that he was not on my level and that I deserved so much better. Not to mention, I could lose everything I worked so hard for if my superior ever found out. But what could I say, other than I’m in love? I guessed that was why I just cosigned for Seth to get a brand new Dodge Magnum.

The only problem I had with Seth was that he couldn’t keep a job, so I had to make two of his car payments. All he knew was the street life, which wasn’t a problem in the beginning because I was from the projects. I practically lived there all my life. My mother and my father used to work together at the factory warehouse, and they sold five-dollar bags of marijuana out of our apartment when they got off. My father was a well-respected man around my way. He always had some type of hustle. He was a sharp guy, and what little power he had, he knew how to use. The women loved him, but he respected my mother, and that’s why I looked up to him. He had such a swagger that wouldn’t quit.

What was so crazy is when I met Seth for the first time, I saw that same swagger in him. I guess that’s what attracted me to him. So, as soon as he could get it together all the way around the board, he and I could definitely make this thing official. I told him this all the time, but he wasn’t trying to hear me, which was why I proposed to him that he and I go into business together. He acted like he was down with the idea, but so far, he hadn’t made any attempt to sit down with me so we could go over possible business ventures. It bothered me, but hey, what could I say? Seth was your typical man who didn’t like to feel like he was being forced to do something, which was why I never tried to pressure him. He was not receptive at all when he felt like his back was against the wall, so I said what I had to say and left it alone.

The issue about him moving into my condo always got him on edge, so he tried to avoid the subject as much as possible. At the time, Seth was living at home with his mother, Mrs. Richardson, which I didn’t approve of. Granted, her home was beautiful and she was living there all alone before his release, so having him around gave her something to do. But lately, she had become very codependent and couldn’t do a thing without him. Plus, she called his phone non-stop, wanting to know what time he was coming home so she could ask him to pick up a few things while he was en route. It had gotten to a point where it was beginning to affect our relationship, so I thought it was time to cut the umbilical cord. Seth and I had a fucking life together now, and I wanted to take it to the next level.

Today marked our one-year anniversary, so he and I decided to spend the night inside and have dinner by candlelight. Afterward, we retired to my bedroom with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin I picked up on my way home from work. From then on, we made magic.

“This is my pussy, right?” Seth asked, his strokes getting more and more intense.

I was able to belt out the word yes before he took another direct jab at my G-spot.

“Well, act like it and throw this shit back at me!” he demanded.

He loved talking to me this way. It got his dick really hard. When I was responsive, it even gave him a source of power. So without further delay, I locked my legs around his waist, tightened up the walls of my vagina so I could put his dick in a chokehold, and then bucked back at him like I was a wild rodeo rider. The way I was grinding on him was like a person sharpening her pencils. Emotions of all sorts were popping all around, like fireworks. The juices from my pussy even made popping sounds of their own. It was beautiful. And after fifteen straight minutes of tongue kissing, hard fucking, and sucking, we both climaxed and called it a night.

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