Crystal Lacey Winslow

Crystal Lacey Winslow

Brooklyn-born author, Crystal Lacey Winslow, began writing creatively at an early age. 

At the fledgling age of eight, beating out the entire school as her competition, she won her first journalist contest.  It was at that very moment she realized she had a gift for writing and continued honing her craft writing poetry/prose.  She soon decided she wanted to do something “more adult,” so at the age of fourteen, she wrote her very first unpublished novel.

Crystal Lacey Winslow, a very diverse and multi-talented individual, has lived in various cities.  She has moved from Virginia, to Maryland, then to Washington, D.C. before returning to her native New York City.  Through the course of her living experiences and other travels, she has enjoyed all aspects of her surroundings -- the serenity of the suburbs, where she learned to swim, play the flute, archery and horseback riding; to the pulse of the inner city where she delighted in playing scully, hop-scotch, tag and touch football.  Having encountered many colorful people along the way, she draws on both her human and environmental experiences that have become the inspirations for her writings.  The result is a unique and melodramatic storytelling technique, which is evident in her deeply personal poetry book, Up Close & Personal, her critically acclaimed debut-novel, Life, Love & Loneliness, the follow-up The Criss Cross, the award-nominated Sex, Sin & Brooklyn, and the highly anticipated final chapter, Tale of a Train Wreck Lifestyle. Also written by Ms. Winslow, Histress, where she explores the inverse reality of a single male at the beck and call of a married woman; and three anthologies, Menace, Kiss the Year Goodbye and Four Degrees of Heat.

Crystal continues to entertain and inspire thousands of avid readers, aspiring writers and entrepreneurs.  She shows no signs of slowing down and you can believe, there will be many more magnificent works to come from this magnificently talented woman.


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