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Crystal Lacey Winslow

Crystal Lacey Winslow, a native of New York City, draws on both her human and environmental experiences for inspirations for her writings.  The result is a unique and melodramatic storytelling technique.

Crystal continues to entertain and inspire thousands of avid readers, aspiring writers, and entrepreneurs.  She shows no signs of slowing down and assures that there will be many more melodramatic works to come from this brilliantly talented woman.


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Born and raised in Brooklyn, Nisa Santiago came bursting onto the literary scene in 2009 with her debut title, Cartier Cartel, garnering rave reviews and leaving her readers wanting more. She followed up with the sequel, Return of the Cartier Cartel - which turned into a national bestseller. The Library Journal declared that Santiago's sequel, [Return of the Cartier Cartel] "Will keep readers hooked to the last chapter."

Now living in Harlem, Nisa is continuing to craft the stories her fans crave. She’ll maintain the momentum with a scorching new e-book series, Killer Dolls, and a brand new stunner on the way called Murdergram.


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Erica Hilton's ability to switch up her writing style is undeniably her greatest feat.

From the hardcore storyline of 10 Crack Commandments, where the lyrics of the The Notorious BIG are broken down and woven into a thick fictional plot, to the more female driven narrative of Wifey: From Mistress to WifeyErica Hilton covers all the bases.

Due to the warm reception Bad Girl Blvd received, she’s currently finishing up a sequel.

Erica currently lives in California with her husband and two dogs, Jay and Bee.

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Authoress Kim K. debuted in 2011 with Sheisty Chicks, a book inspired by real-life events from her years as a child in and out of the New York City foster system. At sixteen, Kim was tossed into a group home by a judge for allegedly pulling out a weapon on a neighborhood bully.

Kim feels her missteps in her past have shaped her future positively. She's looking ahead, continuing her writing career with the Rise of an American Gangstress series and her upcoming release, Beauty and the Streets.

When Kim isn’t crafting stories for her readers, she volunteers for various programs for at-risk young girls.

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