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Over the last decade, the avenue for diverse writers and their subject matter has been redefined. And with this new opportunity comes an ambitious New York-based company – Melodrama Publishing.

Founded in 2001 by award-winning author Crystal Lacey Winslow, Melodrama’s portfolio includes an array of exciting titles offering intrigue, mystery, love and fiery appeal.

Ready and capable to handle this barrage of new, young, stimulated writers, Melodrama knows the urban literary marketplace well. National, well-regarded publications like Black Enterprise Magazine and Publisher’s Weekly has heralded the efforts and accomplishments of Winslow, a legal wiz who gave up a budding law career to a literary one. Her legal studies were put to good use in building her publishing company.

“We look for books that are uplifting; publications that in some way add to our readers’ life interest,” says Winslow, who has numerous writing accolades to her credit.

Melodrama was started by Winslow on the single premise that authors should follow their own path. That aspirations should come in the light of developing one’s own skill; honing in on self-development as opposed to mimicking another author. Winslow looks for writers who are assured and whose self-esteem is in tact.  That mantra comes through in their craft, research, and work ethic to become better, says Winslow.

Building on a legacy of quality and commitment, this independent publisher continues to grow an impressive repertoire of talented writers who bring real-life experiences to their work.

Melodrama is embarking on impressive expansion plans with numerous authors and publications under consideration.


About Brooklyn Books™

It is with overwhelming excitement that we introduce Brooklyn Books, a subsidiary of Melodrama Publishing launching Fall 2014. 

Brooklyn Books was founded by Crystal Lacey Winslow to pay homage to her beloved hometown. Vivid memories of her birthplace show up in all her works, and various neighborhoods and landmarks of the borough are found throughout the pages of her labelmates such as Nisa Santiago, Kim K., and Erica Hilton. 

Brooklyn Books will continue to publish novels in the same vein as its parent company Melodrama, but with an unflinching component of intrigue. This whodunit element will propel each release into an innovative streetwise space left virtually uncharted until now.

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